Viewing Caribou on the Tundra

Ann Timmins, one of our tour guides, is an artist who lives in Yellowknife. She’s also visited our lodge on the barrenlands at Point Lake, destination of two of our custom trips. Ann was completely taken with the tundra at the lodge: “There are times in my life when I have realized that I am living completely in the moment. Our journey to Caribou Bay at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge was an entire week of being absorbed minute by minute, on the land. The everyday distractions were eliminated; I felt only the peace of walking on the warm carpet of tundra, searching the horizon for wildlife, and being captivated by the miniature colour world of each lichen and flora patch.”

Ann continues: “As I painted Caribou Bay back in my studio in Yellowknife, I realized how the image in my memory came together so effortlessly. The caribou appeared watching us as we landed on the shore, the caribou were engulfed by the gold, orange and red bushes, and as the caribou headed towards the hills, I became a small being alone on the land.”

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