Winter Clothing Rental

Warm Comfortable Experiences! Rent warm clothing so you can enjoy your time outdoors – view the aurora and participate in winter activities in comfort. Our winter clothing rentals provide you the best defense against the cold. We have you covered from head to toe! We offer a variety of clothing and boot sizes for youth, men and women ranging in sizes from XS – 4XL

Winter Clothing Rental Package Includes: 
· Parka
· Insulated Snow Pants
· Winter Boots
. Balaclava/Neck warmer/Buff
· Insulated Mitts
· Warm Hat

*Please note that Individual Rental Items are Available – please inquire.

Package Rate:
1 Day – $74.00
2 Days – $104.00
3 Days – $134.00
4 Days – $164.00

Additional Days $30.00/day.
Extended rental periods for 10 days + will be charged a $65.00 cleaning fee
Exchange article of clothing for another size: $15.00 (availability depending inventory) + Delivery. Prices do not include 5% GST, this will be added to the price.

Rental Period starts from 1:00-1:30PM to next day at 11:00AM
Early delivery or late returns will incur additional day charges.

Delivery/Return of Clothing: Delivery can be provided to all major hotels and accredited accommodations. Rate $10.00 per reservation (please note: one reservation can include multiple clothing packages)

Delivery Time: 1:00 – 1:30 PM
Pick-up/Return Time: 11:00 AM

Later delivery and earlier returns can easily be arranged pending your travel schedule. If you arrive later your clothing will be delivered to your hotel, either in-room or with reception. If you depart early in the morning, please leave the winter clothing with hotel front desk staff in secure storage. (We invite you to let us know your travel itinerary for ease of delivery). Please provide us with the name of your accommodations and the name that your reservation us under and confirmation number.

Winter Clothing Rental & Tour Package: Combine your rental clothing with one of our extraordinary tours and get: FREE delivery/pick-up of your winter clothing, plus and exchange an article of clothing for another size.*
*pending inventory

Reserving your Winter Clothing: Email with your name and the dates that you will require winter clothing; we will email you a fillable PDF Winter Clothing Rental Agreement that is required to reserve your clothes. Please note after we receive your completed form (s) we will send you an email to confirm whether we can fill your requirements.  Sizes maybe substituted with the next BEST available option if your first option is unavailable.

Sizing – Helpful tips FAQ’s and Recommendations:

Q. How do I choose the right size of winter clothing?

Select the size you normally wear.  If you take a size medium jacket, then order the same size for the parka, same goes for the remaining articles of clothing.  For example.  If you take a small glove, then choose a small mitt.

Boots: Come in full sizes only. If you take a half size, please round up to the next full size.  i.e. If you take a 7.5 boot/shoe, please select size 8.

Q. What do I wear under the Parka and snow pants?

We recommend you dress layers. Wear a long sleeved woolen undershirt and warm sweater or fleece under your parka, same goes for the snow pants, long woolen tights/leggings/underwear or similar garment.

Recommendations: Keep extra warm by using Little Hottie (chemical) hand and toe warmers! Depending on when you visit and your tolerance to cold, these little packages provide additional warmth and are active for 6-10 hours; they help keep you warm especially in extreme cold conditions or if you are less active – standing outside viewing the aurora, ice fishing or what have you.  Plus if you happen to be taking photographs they provide instant heat when you put your hands back in your mitts. We happen to sell them too so if you want some with your clothing rental order please let us know.  Cost $4.00/per package of 2.