My Backyard Tours

Our professionally guided tours offer personalized service and participants interests are incorporated into our City, Capital Sites and Meet the Artist Gallery tours which range from 2-3 hours in length. Our tours also get people outside the city limits with our Northern Lights and Ingraham Trail/Cameron Falls Tours where participants get to enjoy the beauty of the northern sky and surrounding area.

City of Yellowknife view from Great Slave Lake

Yellowknife City Tour

Dreams of gold began in Yellowknife in 1934 when a couple of prospectors discovered the precious metal. You can join… Trip details…

Northern Lights with tent and mirror image on Pontoon Lake

Northern Lights Tour

A clear dark sky and high solar activity can provide an evening light show that is worth staying up into… Trip details…


Winter Clothing Rental

Warm Comfortable Experiences! Get outfitted with warm clothing so you can enjoy your time outdoors – view the aurora and… Trip details…