Our Capital City, although small in population, has all the amenities and services of larger centres, plus it has its own charm and local characters. There are unique highlights, local artisans and it’s quick and easy to get outside of the city limits into nature.  Besides being the gateway to the barrens, we just happen to be located under the magical aurora oval making Yellowknife the best place on earth to view the northern lights.


Our backyard, Yellowknife, is the capital of the Northwest Territories and a thriving city of some 18,000 people. It is a wonderful wilderness city on the very edge of Great Slave Lake. Founded on gold discoveries during the Great Depression of the 1930’s, Yellowknife is now home to international diamond mining companies. The City is the seat of government for the Northwest Territories, which boasts 11 official languages, and attracts a cosmopolitan mix of people, from across the Northwest Territories and around the world. Our backyard is never more than a few minutes from the wilderness.

The Barrens

Beyond the City of Yellowknife is the open country of one of Canada’s most amazing features – the Barrenlands. Not barren at all, but covered with a thin layer of hardy plants, this is the range of great herds of caribou, grizzly bears, wolves and foxes. It is one of the last truly wild areas on the planet. The lakes and rivers of the Barrenlands are legendary, and on one of the most famous of these, 330 km north of Yellowknife, sits our lodge, Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge. This comfortable and exclusive resort is the site for our multi-day fishing, photography and barrenland experiences.

Let My Backyard Tours introduce you to Yellowknife and the Barrenlands. It’s an experience you’ll treasure forever.