Cameron Falls and Cameron Ramparts Tour

Explore the Ingraham Trail, this 5-hour tour will highlight some of the best views, Dene history with legends of the area and hiking, Cameron falls and the Ramparts being the finale to this excursion.

Pick up from your hotel/ accommodations at 10am, this trail is considered easy to moderate. The path is a series of boardwalks, rocks, staircases, and hardened pathways. There are variations in the terrain, steep embankments to boulder passageways but the views are spectacular. It is 1.2km into the falls, approximately 20minutes, do not worry though, your guide will adjust the pace of the trek based on fitness level. This hike is not recommended for those with issues walking.

Recommendations; wear good hiking boots/ shoes, please bring a water bottle, a hat, and sunglasses

Further east, we will venture to the Ramparts, this trail is a little easier in terrain. This trail is mainly hardened pathways, boardwalk and a staircase/bridge that leads to the falls, this hike is shorter in length.

Tour Duration 5hours, Lunch provided. Cost $225.00+GST